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Plaza Protection has been offering reliable and highly advanced security services to commercial and residential clients throughout bay area for past 10 years. Our uniformed officers are professionals with adequate training and extensive experience in the field. We offer long-term and short-term security solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.

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Our Approach

Security Services


On Demand Patrols

Plaza Protection offers on demand random security patrols for clients that do not require 24hrs onsite guard. Our security team is fully invested to protect your property and assets of our clients. Our mobile patrol security teams are always on standby and can be directed to our clients location on the short notice.Learn more  »


Plaza Protection offers 24hrs a day vehicle patrol designed to address the needs of our residential and commercial clients. Our dedicated vehicle patrol team is fully trained  to handle every situation in a professional manner. The security of your staff, customers and assets is our number one priority. Our years of experience combined with state of the art technology has allowed us to offer effective services that are matched by none.Learn More »


Plaza Protection specialized in providing alarm response service to alarm companies. Our mobile security teams are fully trained to respond to multiple alarm calls on short notices. Whether it is a false alarm or actual brake in, our team is trained to handle any situations and response appropriately.Learn More »


At Plaza Protection our security guards are professionally trained to monitor various cctv and access control systems. Employing such technologies can enhance the quality of the over all security of the site. Depending on the needs of our clients we can help them design the right cctv or access control system.Learn More »


Plaza protection specializes in protecting large shopping centers. Our years of experience in security industry has allows us to handle any type of situation with the appropriate response.
We are the number one private patrol company when i comes to providing security services to shopping centers.

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Plaza Protection realizes the importance of maintaining effective security for residential clients.
HOA and management offices are expected to provide quality security services to their residents. The need for enforcing residential rules are crucial in maintaining safe environment. At Plaza Protection we have a special training program for guards working at residential sites.

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Often large parking lots bring security challenges which require special security response. Unauthorized persons or vehicles should be actively deterred to maintain safe environment for customers and employees. Abandoned vehicles should be reported right away to the proper authorities. Plaza Protection is the right choice when it comes to large parking lot security.

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We offer a one-stop, cost-effective and professionally viable security solution designed to protect corporate sites. Our guards are well trained and have undergone all necessary security checks prior to being hired. You can count on Plaza Protection for protecting your office or workplace.

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If your construction site is not well-guarded, it becomes an easy target of criminals and thieves. This is why a comprehensive security plan is required to ensure that the site’s access points remain controlled and valuable equipment such as trailers and raw material stays safe and secure.

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We work closely with banks to draw an effective security program which is designed to increase the security of bank location. Our security guards are fully trained to take on the responsibility of securing financial institutions. Presence of security guard is effective way to deter any criminal activity and make the clients feel safe.

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