Virtual Guard

Multiple Benefits

Besides cost effectiveness there are other benefits of having Virtual Patrolling as option to protect your property. Virtual patrolling comes standard with 24hrs on and off site recording of all activity on the property. Our licensed guards are trained to pinpoint any suspicious activity and report it to proper authorities. Their job is to  monitor the system throughout the day making sure every important area is watched for unusual activity.


Complete Solution

From system design to installation, to 24hrs monitoring we offer complete virtual patrolling solution to our clients. We carefully design the right system which will address all security needs of your location. We implement the right technology to make sure that every virtual patrolling system is effective as possible.

Ongoing Support

We provide full support on all of our solutions to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Our goal is to deliver the most effective security for your property and assets. We work hard round the clock to make sure that all systems remain active. Incase any of the systems become inactive we send professional technicians too.

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