Virtual Guard


Plaza Protection offers virtual guard service where our licensed security guards actively monitor client’s property and assets 24hrs a day using digital security camera system over the high speed internet. Virtual guard can even communicate with anyone on the property using two way audio.Learn More »


Our licensed security guards monitor client’s site 24hrs a day using state of the art cctv technology. With the help us digital audio and video recorders, ultra high definition cctv cameras and high speed internet connection our guards can monitor the entire site round the clock.Learn More »


Besides cost effectiveness there are other benefits of having Virtual Patrolling as option to protect your property. Virtual patrolling comes standard with 24hrs on and off site recording of all activity on the property. Our licensed guards are trained to pinpoint any suspicious activity and report it to proper authorities. Their job is to ¬†monitor the system throughout the day making sure every important area is watched for unusual activity.Learn More »