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Stationary Guard

Plaza Promotional offers stationary guard as a standard options. At times it is important that guard remains at one location while on duty. This is true for clients such as banks, shipping and receiving gates, corporate office entrances. Stationary guards make sure that they are fully aware of people entering and leaving the site. It is their job to check for any suspicious behavior, if necessary take down the time and date, name, license plate of the individual entering the location.

With Stationary Guard always there it is the best way to make sure that your premises is protected. We make sure that all of our stationary guards are fully trained on their routine duties. We make sure that guards are dressed professionally to project a positive image upon your customers and business partners. We only hire reliable guards who are fit to do the job. Contact Plaza Protection today to find more information on how we can provide excellent security services for your company.


  •  Attend main entrance and greet customers
  • Secure all entry points though out the site.
  •  Deter criminal activity.
  •  Write detailed hourly and incident reports
  •  Locking and unlocking doors and entry ways.

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