Security Services

On Demand or Random Patrols

At Plaza Protection we understand that not all clients require 24hrs a days security protection and that is the reason we offers on demand random security patrols. Our security team is fully invested to protect your property and assets of our clients. Our mobile patrol security teams are always on standby and can be directed to our clients location on the short notice.

Plaza Protection’s presence is a strong deterrent of crimes and criminals which is why our merely being there is enough to deter crime and enhance the security of your property. Our security patrolling services result in minimal risk of theft and vandalism at the property because we are always watching. Having fully equipped vehicles with GPS unit, two-way radios, fire extinguishers and many other safety related equipment, we can guarantee full security of your property.

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  •  24/7 onsite security officers.
  •  Detailed hourly Reports.
  •  Secure all entry points though out the site.
  •  Deter criminal activity.
  •  Locking and unlocking doors and entry ways

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