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Alarm Response Team

Electronic alarm systems have become quite common and widespread and due to this reason the need for alarm response team is rising. It is important to hire a proper security patrol company to make sure that  your client’s security is not compromised.

Plaza Protection alarm response team is fully trained and experienced and are able to quickly respond to alarms calls as soon as notification arrives from our dispatch center. Once we receive an alarm, we immediately inform local law enforcement and client and reach the location as soon as possible so that the matter could be addressed immediately.

Residential and Commercial

Electronic alarm systems have become quite common and widespread. They are used by both commercial and residential customers to protect their properties. With the increase in the number of stress calls to police departments, not all police departments are able to respond to alarm alerts.

Quick Response time

Within minutes of being notified by our dispatch office our alarm response team is on the site checking of any signs of intrusion. Our Vehicles are fully equipped with GPS technology allowing the dispatch until to pinpoint the location of our team ensuring effectiveness and safety. They thoroughly follow the checklist to make sure everything is safe and secure.

Safety First

Our main goal is to make sure that your customers property is safe and secure. To ensure the safety of our guards in the event of contact with the trespasser we train our guards to use observe and report techniques and let the law enforcement agencies to handle the trespasser. This method significantly increases the safety and decrease the liability of our clients.

Quality Alarm Response

In Bay Area, California, Plaza Protection’s trained and experienced Alarm Response Team is capable of quickly responding to commercial and residential alarms. Please contact us today to find more details about how we can serve your customers with professional alarm response services.


  •  Inform local law enforcement.
  •  Check for any forced entry.
  •  Scan the building for any trespasser
  • Write detailed report about the incident.

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