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Plaza Protection offers multiple security services to protect the property and assets of our clients. Our goal is to design a custom security patrol solution to fit the needs of our clients. At Plaza Protection utilize our capabilities and experience to make sure that our clients security needs are addressed professionally. We can provide effective security solutions round the clock implementing security program that is custom designed to meet your needs. Plaza Protection uses state of the art security technology allowing our team to remain up to date with latest industry standards.



Plaza Protection offers 24hrs a day vehicle patrol designed to address the needs of our residential and commercial clients. Our dedicated vehicle patrol team is trained regularly to handle every situation professionally. The security your staff, customers and assets is our number one priority. Our years of experience combined with state of the art technology has allowed us to offer effective services that is matched by none.Learn More »


Not all clients require 24hrs a days security protection and that is the reason Plaza Protection offers on demand random security patrols. Our security team is fully invested to protect your property and assets of our clients. Our mobile patrol security teams are always on standby and can be directed to our clients location on the short notice. Plaza Protection security vehicles are equipped with latest GPS technology allowing our dispatch unit to pinpoint security vehicle location to accurately dispatch each unit.Learn More »


At Plaza Protection we work with our retail clients to prevent any losses arising from customer and employee theft by implementing a loss prevention security program which is effective and affordable. Our loss prevention solutions is designed to cut the inventory shrinkage and increase the profit.Learn More »


Electronic alarm systems have become quite common and widespread and due to this reason the need for alarm response team is rising. It is important to hire a proper security patrol company to make sure that  your client’s security is not compromised. Plaza Protection alarm response team is fully trained and experienced and are able to quickly respond to alarms calls as soon as notification arrives from our dispatch center.Learn More »


At Plaza Protection we offer wide range of security services. One of the most popular type of security service is foot and bike patrol. It is one of the most effective way to make sure that your assets are protected because the guards are on the ground patrolling the site. Plaza Protection guards are fully trained to handle variety of situation that may arise in a professional manner. We work with professional equipment to make sure that security guard has all the necessary tools to get the job done.Learn More »


Plaza Promotional offers stationary guard as a standard options. At times it is important that guard remains at one location while on duty. This is true for clients such as banks, shipping and receiving gates, corporate office entrances. Stationary guards make sure that they are fully aware of people entering and leaving the site. It is their job to check for any suspicious behavior, if necessary take down the time and date, name, license plate of the individual entering the location.Learn More »


Plaza Protection specializes in sale, service and installation of state of the art cctv security system. We only work with high end security cameras system to provide HD quality video output. All of cctv system come standard with audio capabilities.Learn More »


Our guards are professionally trained to monitor cctv and access control systems. Employing such technologies enhance the quality of the over all security on the site. Depending on the needs of our clients we can help them design the right system and have it installed professionally.Learn More »

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