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Plaza Protection realized the benefits of integrating state of the art in day to day operations. These benefits includes streamlining communications among all team members resulting in increased efficiency. Out security patrol vehicles are equipped with latest GPS technology which allows the dispatch team to pinpoint the location on each vehicle on the map. This allows our dispatch center to deploy right amount of resources in the timely manner. Plaza Protection utilizes the power of mobile application technology to collect data such as incidental, hourly or daily reports as they occur. This allows the our management team to take the best decision based the live reporting.

We are living in the digital age where not just that the criminals are armed with extraordinarily advanced gadgets but also the methods of invading a property have become novel and unpredictable. Given the alarming situation all across Bay Area, California and within the country, our sole focus is upon making our vehicle patrol services highly advanced, well-equipped and professionally sound.

Since the time when Plaza Protection was established, we tried to incorporate state-of-the-art tools, latest methods of security provision and highest levels of training to ensure our company remains the best. Employing advanced technology is not an option anymore but the need of the day, therefore, we cannot overlook its significance in ensuring your property’s security.

Apart from making sure that our services are technologically reliable, we also have incorporated technology to keep a check on our security guards. With help of computerized DTX system, we are able to monitor the activities of our security guards when they are in duty though smart mobile hardware and software.

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