Our Approach

Professional Vehicles

We want to make sure that our guards have the best equipment while they are on duty and that is the reason we purchase security patrol vehicles that are fully equipped. Depending on our clients requirement we use verity of vehicles to get the job done properly.

Plaza Protection is a company dedicated to making lives safe and secure. It has remained our forte to stay incident-free. Our vehicle patrol units keep a constant check upon the site’s whereabouts and hence, prove to be the best option for larger sites and under-construction areas. Our security guards have received industry-leading training while our patrolling vehicles are security-marked, thoroughly equipped and ready to take on criminals.

We believe that for such a daunting task like Vehicle Patrolling, it is of utmost importance to hire credible, capable and skilled guards. Our security guards are well-versed in first-aid measures, preventing burglars, thieves and malicious criminals at bay only with their presence and ensuring that you enjoy full security. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, Plaza Protection’s experienced security guards can provide the most reliable layer of security.

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