Shopping Center Security

Plaza protection specializes in protecting large shopping centers. Our 10 years of experience in security industry allows us handle any type of situation with the appropriate response. We are number one when i comes to providing security patrol services to shopping centers.

Standard Security

We will make sure that your custom policies are enforced along with the standard security procedures and programs. Our professional security patrol team will minimise any interruption in your business by protecting your property and assets. The safety of your people is our number one goal.

Professional Security Officers

Plaza Protection only works with professional security officers who are always dressed professionally and always in customer first attitude. Our guards are trained on regular bases on and off site by their supervisors. They are fully equipped with everything they need to perform their job at optimum levels.

Mall of America security and a Bloomington police officer patrolled the mall on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 in Bloomington, Minn. Shoppers at the Mall of America seem undeterred after hearing about a video purportedly made by al-Qaida-linked rebels that urges Muslims to attack shopping malls. The video specifically mentions the Bloomington shopping mall. (AP Photo/The Star Tribune, Renee Jones Schneider)

Effective In Protecting Our Clients Interests

We understand the complexities of protecting shopping center and that is way our focus on based on response to unexpected situations. Plaza Protection provides professional security services that are effective in protecting our clients interests.

Professional Teams

Each client is assessed by our professional teams in the terms of property location, threat assessments, unexpected situations that might arise. Our goal is to train our security officers to meet the challenges of every unique client site.

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