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Corporate Buildings Security

Plaza Protection is a dedicated team of reliable, insured, licensed and trusted security guards offering advanced and technology-savvy vehicle patrol services for corporate buildings across Bay Area, California. We offer a one-stop, cost-effective and professionally viable security solution through our 24/7 available vehicle patrol service. Our guards are well-trained and have undergone all necessary security checks themselves prior to being hired. This is why we say that you can TRUST us for protecting your office or workplace.

Property Is Well Protected

Our vehicle patrol service is quite popular in this area and our patrolling vehicles are referred to as a potent crime deterrent. That’s because we offer security not just around your building but also beyond fixed locations to make sure that every inch of your property is well-protected.

Security Services

Plaza Protection represents a leading name in commercial and corporate buildings security provider in California. We are known for utilizing unrivalled practices and expertise to provide you maximum value for your money. Our packages are so affordable that whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, all business owners can avail our security services. The idea is to make sure that our commercial clients enjoy foolproof security at all times of the day.

safety of your workplace

Remember that when you are running an office, you are actually responsible for dozens of workers’ security as well as the safety of your workplace equipment and your clients’ assets. Therefore, hiring experts of the field to secure your premises and also your and your workers’ lives should be your top priority. Never compromise on the security aspect to prevent yourself from future damages. Offices and corporate buildings being the main targets of vandalism require highest level of security both from within and outside. We can guarantee that with our exceptional vehicle patrol service you will have your exterior area covered extremely well.

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