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If your construction site is not well-guarded, it becomes an easy target of criminals and thieves. This is why a comprehensive security plan is required to ensure that the site’s access points remain controlled and valuable equipment such as trailers and raw material stays safe and secure.

Reliable And Professionally Viable

Plaza Protection is a reliable and professionally viable Vehicle Patrol and security services provider firm in Bay Area. Our dedicated construction site patrol and guarding services are trusted across the industry. There are countless new projects in town that were completed in time, without any nasty incident only because we were watching the site 24/7.

Fully Customizable Packages

Plaza Protection offers fully customizable packages for our clients. You can choose the time frame during which you require vehicle patrol and even choose the points that are to be guarded. Our services vary from client to client and it all depends upon what YOU want.

Vehicle Petrol Service

Plaza Protection vehicle patrol service include frequent patrolling sessions all around the construction site so that potential perpetrators of crime could not get any opportunity to access it. We also prevent unauthorized access to your property and conduct detailed analysis of the equipment present on site so that their security could be ensured.

Professionally Reliable Security Guards

Our team of well-trained, educated and professionally reliable security guards has a longstanding reputation of providing incident-free security on construction sites. Our uniformed guards have received special training for securing construction sites. The security guards in our team are insured, licensed and bonded.

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