Technology over the past few years has changed everything. Hasn’t it? Ever since the private patrol industry has undergone some major changes too. And as we keep moving forward, they are becoming prominent and widespread. To provide outstanding private patrol services, private patrol companies are embracing the change. But are you?

You must be aware of a million reasons why your company should hire a private patrol company. But are you aware of the technical aspects you should not overlook while hiring private patrol services? If not, given below is a  list of the most important aspects you should consider.

1. Real-Time Reporting

Documentation plays a crucial role in private patrol services. For the guards to be able to document & send the security guard reports in real-time, they need to be equipped appropriately. Plaza Protection’s cutting-edge technology not only does that but also offers various security guard report formats that can be customized as per your requirements. Think about it & you’ll realize how security guard reports will help you hold the company accountable for their private patrol services instantly.

2. Effective GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking system is designed to provide private patrol companies with the ability to effortlessly track their workforce across multiple premises. Live map integrated into the guard tour system allows that by pinpointing the exact location of the guards. This not only provides a clear picture of their movements & status on-site but also ensures their safety while providing excellent private patrol services.

3. Automated Scheduling

On the shoulders of the security managers lies the most important responsibility of scheduling every security guard. Which is why the guard tour system Plaza Protection employs helps them easily schedule guards based on their skill sets as per the requirements of the client site. But, if you have something specific in your mind, all you need to do is let us know.

Further, the ability to make real-time changes ensure that in case the on-site requirements for guards changes, we can immediately create new shifts for guards. Thus, making sure that even pre-planned or immediate security needs are met. And the changes made are effortlessly  communicated to the security guards in real-time

4. Advanced Dispatch Center

Every private patrol company is concerned about having a security guard dispatch center that can help them handle multiple emergency calls coming in from clients, simultaneously create new dispatch calls, assign them to multiple security guards, and stay connected on ground zero to get live status. As irrelevant as it may sound, it should be on the list of your technological aspects to review.

Reason being in the time of an emergency, this system will help provide a quick & flexible response from security guards to save the lives of people on-site. If it’s not there, the guards will need to inform the local law enforcement and depend on them. Since that will take time to take control of the situation, it might just get too late.

5. Visitor Management System

Anyone can go through a physical visitor log, steal it, or simply lose it, right? And that’s the reason why a visitor management system has been created to meet the high standards of the security industry. The security guards of Plaza Protection are equipped with mobile visitor check-in software through a mobile patrol app. It effortlessly allows them to create detailed logs & profiles of visitors & vehicles which are securely stored on the cloud. In emergencies, it also facilitates rapid visitor evacuation.


6. Reliable Security Guard Client Portal

Clear communication between a private patrol company and its clients is all that matters, right? Despite that, you would not want to be stuck in long face-to-face meetings to discuss information that can be easily made available to you through a securely accessible security guard client portal. It’s created to easily provide access to detailed incidents, site tours, and custom reports so you can stay updated of the progress made on-site from anywhere in the world.

7. Guard Tour Mobile App

A guard tour mobile app may not seem to be of much use to you as a client, but for the security guards, it’s all they need to do their job right. It is what gives them the power to access critical updates on the go. It is what helps to track them so you can have access to their live location when on your post-site. While on a site tour, using this mobile app they can send reports with media files attached in real-time, which are made available to you on the security guard client portal. So yes, this guard tour mobile app matters.

Technology has an important part to play in providing private patrol services. So, do not forget to consider these aspects while hiring a reliable private patrol company. They can change the way you rely on private patrol services.