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Security Patrol Guard

How To Ensure Your Security Patrol Guard Is Performing Assigned Duties?

Every security patrol guard is expected to always be ready to identify and respond to security threats immediately. In order to do that, they must always remain alert, because the consequence of that can lead to a disaster. They must always remain alert also to carry out their assigned duties on client sites effectively. But how can you as a client figure out if they are working as you would have wanted them to on your post site or […]

Construction Site Security

How Construction Site Security Over The Years Have Evolved?

Once construction theft & vandalism was a major problem, and today, it still is. It costs billions of dollars to the construction industry annually. Which is why construction site security should not be ignored at any cost. Construction sites have always been dangerous and vulnerable to crimes. Implementing good prevention measures can dramatically reduce all types of loss.
Over the years, the types of construction site security have evolved immensely. Drastic advancements in technology have made it possible to ensure […]

Security Guard Patrol

How Tracking Security Patrol Guards Improves Security Services?

All a client ever want while hiring professional security guard services is reliability, so it doesn’t lead to a false sense of security. At Plaza Protection it is ensured by constantly keeping eyes on security patrol guards so scheduled patrols are executed without any deviations. Even better, our cutting-edge technology used to track security patrol guards is also used to improve security guard services on every step.
Are you’re wondering how? Scroll below to find out now.
1. Accountability
One of the greatest […]

Security Patrol Guards

What Factors Decide The Number Of Security Patrol Guards You Need?

Deciding the number of security patrol guards you need is quite dependent on numerous factors while hiring private security services for your business. Not being aware of them is absolutely okay. Not everyone is. Which is why here’s your chance to know all about them right here, right now.
1. What Type Is Your Business?
Taking the type of business you own into consideration is one of the most important aspects of deciding the number of security patrol guards you will need. […]