How Private Patrol Services Prevent Unauthorized Access On Your Industrial Site

Today, every modern business owner faces a unique security threat at every turn, and unauthorized access is the most common of all. It is considered as one of the major risk factors for information compromise. And, the traditional ways once used to eliminate it, pose a greater threat due to various loopholes. Since keys can be stolen and/or copied, badges lost, they can create a security gap that can easily be taken advantage of.  So, in this blog, we will go through common ways unauthorized access is gained and how private [...]

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5 Things Private Patrol Guards Can Do In Times Of An Emergency

Private patrol services as that of Plaza Protection aren’t just meant to secure your business or personnel. It’s also the perfect solution to help you deal with extraordinary & threatening situations. In such scenarios, the private patrol guards are expected to respond appropriately and minimize the impact caused. And that requires them to perform a variety of duties for which they need to be well-trained. But eventually, it all comes down to that one question as to what they can do for you. Isn’t that true? So, let’s briefly try [...]

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Technological Aspects You Shouldn’t Overlook While Hiring Private Patrol Services

Technology over the past few years has changed everything. Hasn’t it? Ever since the private patrol industry has undergone some major changes too. And as we keep moving forward, they are becoming prominent and widespread. To provide outstanding private patrol services, private patrol companies are embracing the change. But are you? You must be aware of a million reasons why your company should hire a private patrol company. But are you aware of the technical aspects you should not overlook while hiring private patrol services? If not, given below is [...]

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