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Contract Security Services

Why Businesses Are Using Contract Security Services? Should You Too?

Contracting security services have become the new norm. In-house security is expensive, and the problems associated with it are beyond ramifications. Outsourcing security at highly competitive prices with better-trained security guards is the easy way out for most businesses to ensure the safety of both their personnel & property. But, should that also be applicable to you?
Let’s find out why there’s this shift in focus from the in-house security to using contract security services, as stated in the report […]

Minimizing Incident Response Time: How A Guard Tour System Helps?

Every powerful guard tour system comes with a powerful guard tour dispatch center. The reason being, it allows the dispatchers to address urgent situations with unmatched precision & efficiency to provide visibility & accountability. Well, not only it is created to do that, but also improve the incident response time significantly to manage high client expectations seamlessly.
But the real question is, how can a guard tour dispatch center of a powerful guard tour system help us do that? How […]

security On-Site

How To Hold Your Security Patrol Company Accountable For On-Site Patrols

Holding your security patrol company accountable for the on-site patrol may not be as simple as it sounds. And, as a security patrol company managing all its security operations without a guard tour system can turn into a nightmare. So, while hiring private security services for your business make sure they are using a guard tour system. It is what will help you hold them accountable for the work they do on your site.
But the question, how that can […]

Unarmed Security Guard

Why Should You Choose Unarmed Security Guard For Your Business

Upon first consideration, it may appear that an armed guard provides better service than a uniformed unarmed security guard. But if we dig a little deeper, you will notice that this is not the case. Although your security guard management company may recommend using armed guards, but you need to make an informed decision based on your security needs.
Plaza Protection’s unarmed security guard is generally equipped with non-lethal weapons to deter crime and violence, like tasers, batons, and sprays […]