Professional Vehicle Patrol Security By Plaza Protection

Delivering excellent vehicle patrol security services requires extensive training and experience to perform at optimal levels and be ready to face all kinds of threats. The main job of the vehicle patrol security personnel is to make sure that those inside the building could stay secure and protected. The security guards must stay alert all the time no matter what time of day it is and must firstly identify, investigate, and deal with the approaching threat without causing any damage or disturbance at the property. These are extensive tasks and [...]

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Vehicle Patrol vs Foot Patrol: How To Decide Which One To Choose For Your Business?

Are you torn between which security guard services, vehicle patrol or foot patrol do you need to choose for your business? Well, first of all, know that it’s okay not to know and to feel that way. But, before all that are you sure that your business needs security patrol services? If yes, then given below are a few factors you can take into consideration while choosing the required security guard services. 1. Visual Presence Matters Security guards, whether they are on foot patrol or vehicle patrol are easily identifiable. [...]

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