Six Good Reasons To Hire A Security Guard Company With The Latest Technology

Even if it may look like drones & robots will not replace security guards soon, technology is evolving at such a great speed that for sure it will happen one day. But today, while moving towards that goal, technology is ensuring to make the job of every security guard company simple for providing excellent security guard services to their respective clients. But what’s unfortunate is that not every security guard company is willing to embrace and invest in it, and that has a lot more drawbacks than benefits. However, today [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your High-Rise Building Needs A Visitor Management System?

Pen & paper-based visitors books are still in use to keep a record of the visitors. But today they are no longer the most efficient & effective ways to welcome visitors and keep track of them. Today, a visitor management system has taken over that role to help the guards keep a sharp eye on the movements of the visitors on both residential & commercial high-rise buildings. It is an extensive solution that’s making visitor check-in process hassle-free, and the private guard services at gated communities are using it to [...]

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4 Things Every Daily Activity Report Should Unquestionably Include

For every security guard company, a daily activity report is one of the most critical parts of every security operation. For a lot of them, it might even be their only way of communicating with the clients, unlike Plaza Protection. Which is why they understand the importance of a well written daily activity report. But do you? To make it easier for you, we have jotted down four things every daily activity report sent to you should unquestionably include that will also allow you to hold your security patrol company [...]

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Technological Aspects You Shouldn’t Overlook While Hiring Private Patrol Services

Technology over the past few years has changed everything. Hasn’t it? Ever since the private patrol industry has undergone some major changes too. And as we keep moving forward, they are becoming prominent and widespread. To provide outstanding private patrol services, private patrol companies are embracing the change. But are you? You must be aware of a million reasons why your company should hire a private patrol company. But are you aware of the technical aspects you should not overlook while hiring private patrol services? If not, given below is [...]

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How To Hold Your Security Patrol Company Accountable For On-Site Patrols

Holding your security patrol company accountable for the on-site patrol may not be as simple as it sounds. And, as a security patrol company managing all its security operations without a patrol management system can turn into a nightmare. So, while hiring private security services for your business make sure they are using a patrol management system. It is what will help you hold them accountable for the work they do on your site. But the question, how that can be done still remains unanswered. Well, the security guard client [...]

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How Tracking Security Patrol Guards Improves Security Services?

All a client ever wants while hiring professional security guard services is reliability, so it doesn’t lead to a false sense of security. At Plaza Protection it is ensured by constantly keeping eyes on security patrol guards so scheduled patrols are executed without any deviations. Even better, our cutting-edge technology used to track security patrol guards is also used to improve security guard services on every step. Are you wondering how? Scroll below to find out now. 1. Accountability One of the greatest benefits of incorporating a guard tracking software to [...]

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