Benefits Of Plaza Protection Client Portal You Ought To Know

Effective communication with clients can make all the difference in the world when it comes to delivering extraordinary security guard services. At Plaza Protection, we completely understand how crucial it is. This is why we offer all our clients secure access to the Plaza Protection client portal on-the-go to not only enhance communication but also to allow our clients to collaborate effectively. Plaza Protection client portal is our proprietary solution designed for clients to directly access their on-site data from anywhere in the world and at any time. With Plaza [...]

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Beginner Guide To Understanding Plaza Protection Client Portal

In a pandemic hit world, keeping clients informed and connected has become a challenge for a lot of security guard companies still dependent on a paper-based system. But we at Plaza Protection are determined to ensure you need not even set a foot outside to gain insight into the site tours conducted on your site. Plaza Protection client portal is designed to provide secure access to all the on-site data on a single platform.  Let’s briefly take a look at what you can do with it:  Access Live Metrics On-The-Go [...]

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How A Visitor Management System Used By Security Professionals Can Secure Your Property?

A visitor management system is a solution built to efficiently start managing your front desk without worrying about a visitor's line queuing up. It is designed to efficiently manage the visitors by registering their profiles and visiting information. Increased security & safety are considered among the main highlights of investing in a professional visitor management system. Makes Managing Visitors Easier Begin with making your front desk more efficient with a visitor management system. It will not only help create a first good impression but also make managing visitors simple. Further, [...]

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Critical Systems To Maintain The Security Of Commercial And Residential Property

If you are an owner of a commercial or residential property, its security should be your utmost concern. The reason being, commercial and residential property is as much prone to security threats as anyone else. Taking the lead to proactively protect your property, residents, and employees are worth the investment. And there are different types of security systems easily available for you to choose from. If you want to choose the best security system to maintain the security of commercial and residential property, keep reading. Monitored Alarm System Since the [...]

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Plaza Protection Client Portal: Designed To Improve Client Experience

Client portals, as the name suggests, are designed to be accessed by clients directly with the need to be involved with the company’s management. Acting as a sort of self-service platform, it empowers them to help themselves. And, that’s exactly what Plaza Protection client portal does. It’s a smart platform that our security guard company uses to deliver comprehensive client reports and build stronger relationships with improved communication. Thus, turning it into one fine reason to hire a security guard company with the latest technology.  Let’s take a brief look [...]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About A Patrol Management System

Today, most of the security guard companies are well aware of the utility of a patrol management system. As a client, you should too. The reason being, today, the patrol management system has emerged as an aid to streamline the security operations of the security guard companies like never before. In that, a patrol mobile app also plays a vital role. There are a lot of things you might not be aware of when it comes to a patrol management system. So, here's a list of facts that’ll help you [...]

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Minimizing Incident Response Time: How A Guard Tour Patrol System Helps?

Every powerful guard tour patrol system comes with a powerful  security guard dispatcher. The reason being, it allows the dispatchers to address urgent situations with unmatched precision & efficiency to provide visibility & accountability. Well, not only is it created to do that, but also improve the incident response time significantly to manage high client expectations seamlessly. But the real question is, how can a security guard dispatcher of a powerful guard tour patrol system help us do that? How can it be used to minimize incident response time at [...]

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