Plaza Protection: The Leading Provider Of Security Guard Services In The Bay Area

If you are looking for dedicated or on-demand security guard services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Plaza Protection is the leading provider of a variety of security guard services. Headquartered in San Jose, CA with over 10 years of extensive experience, we provide effective custom security solutions based on the client’s requirement, specification, and the environment. Our security guard services include: Security Guards: Secure your people and your property with Plaza Protection’s security guard services in three different attires. Choose the one or all three of them as per [...]

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Plaza Protection: The Most Professionally Viable Security Services Company

Security patrolling isn’t an easy task for any security services company. It requires security guards with plenty of training to be there all the time. To be ready to face all kinds of threats so that those inside the building could stay secure and protected. Security patrolling checklist for guards that every client should be aware of makes it easier for them to ensure it. But the security guards must stay alert all the time no matter what time of day it is. They must identify, investigate, and deal with [...]

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