How Hiring Foot Patrol Security Is Beneficial In Enhancing Condominium Security?

Foot patrol is one of the most effective ways to protect your condominium property. It allows the guard to thoroughly conduct security patrols and seek out any security incident and address it. The role of foot patrol security guards has never been more critical than it is today with a continuous increase in security threats. There are many different types of security challenges - theft, vandalism, and intruders that foot patrol guards can help protect against easily. Get a better understanding of how hiring foot patrol security services is beneficial [...]

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Effective Tactics Foot Patrol Guards Use To Handle Violent Confrontations

Tense situations on client sites often escalate into violent confrontations. It’s basic human nature to get angry when one does not feel understood. However having professional foot patrol guards on-site can easily identify the situation, listen to people, support & uplift them to defuse the tension & restore momentum. How? Let’s take a look at the tactics commonly used by foot patrol guards to handle tricky situations. Stay One Step Ahead Foot patrol guards are expected to familiarise themselves with everyday operations as well as the property they are guarding. [...]

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How Plaza Protection Avoids Security Pitfalls To Deliver Quality Foot Patrol Security Services

Whenever there’s an incident, it is easy to get caught up in the root cause analysis. When the actual reason often is shortsighted decisions made while hiring security guard services. Therefore, knowing what to expect when it comes to security is the only way to avoid security pitfalls. At Plaza Protection, that is exactly what we do to deliver quality foot patrol security services to our clients. How? It all begins with a security threat assessment. Security Threat Assessment The very first step to ensuring quality foot patrol security begins [...]

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Most Unsafe Areas On Your Construction Site That Require Foot Patrol Security?

Construction sites are vulnerable to various security threats due to the presence of valuable equipment and costly building materials. Left in plain sight and more accessible to would-be criminals make those areas of the site most unsafe. Since every construction site has such weak spots, it can cost millions to contractors if left unchecked. So, here we shed some light on those areas that require foot patrol security and other security measures. Entrance & Exit Points Without proper security in place at every entrance & exit of the construction site, [...]

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10 Reasons To Hire Plaza Foot Patrol Security In The Bay Area

Foot patrol security is one of the most effective ways to cover large areas that vehicle patrol cannot, to deter criminal activities on both residential & commercial properties. And Plaza Protection in the San Francisco Bay is a specialist in that. We believe in offering a strong & consistent visible foot patrol security presence to ensure violators know that the location is patrolled and well secured.  But that alone is certainly not enough! Is it? So, take a look at the top 10 reasons to know why you should hire [...]

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Foot Patrol Security Guards Are Best Suited For Which Kind Of Businesses?

Hiring foot patrol security guards for businesses have turned into a necessity more than a luxury. And why should it not? Every now and then, there’s news of businesses or their customers getting robbed or mugged. This may not even be the worst-case scenario. So, if you’re reading this and you're someone who runs a business, given below is a list of businesses that can’t do without security guard services on their premises. Gated Residential Communities Among all the security guard services offered by a company, foot patrol security guards [...]

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The Crimes Security Guards Can Deter Foot Patrolling At Shopping Centers

Ever since shopping centers came into existence, they have been vulnerable to crimes mainly due to lack of controls at entrances. Today, strict security measures such as installing CCTV cameras that are more visible to people and employing security guards at the entrances of the malls have improved the environments of the shopping centers. But with that, the criminals have evolved, which requires guards foot patrolling at shopping centers at all times. If you are looking for professional security services in San Francisco Bay Area for your shopping center, there’s [...]

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