Why Investing In Dedicated Fire Watch Guards Is The Smart Thing To Do?

Lack or absence of adequate fire watch and prevention service is often the reason why most fire accidents occur on-site. Even if your property is equipped with all the necessary fire prevention systems, there’s no guarantee of how and where will fire break out. Which is why hiring dedicated fire watch guards is a need and top priority for businesses and companies alike.  Here’s why investing in dedicated fire watch guards is the smart thing for you to do: Reduced Liability The fire watch services you will hire are going [...]

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Circumstances Demanding Active Fire Watch Services

Active fire watch services are often misunderstood and, therefore, considered among one of the most under-appreciated fire prevention techniques. But truth be told, it’s one of the most simple ways of ensuring the safety of property only if organized by fire watch guards of a professional security guard company. Active fire watch services often include continuous patrolling of all the areas of the building affected by the impairment. Fire watch guards thoroughly look for signs of smoke, fire, or any other abnormal conditions. On discovering a life-threatening situation, they are [...]

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5 Duties Of An Effective Fire Watch Security Guard

Professional fire watch security guard services are designed for properties, buildings, and work sites. It protects them from the dangers of fire during a time when their alarm, sprinkler, or water system is not functioning properly. Trained fire watch security guards can be positioned on-site to keep a vigilant eye over the property. But, the real question here is what other duties do they perform to ensure complete security? We’ve prepared a list of common duties every fire watch security guard performs on-site. Let’s take a look. Conduct Systematic Surveillance [...]

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Why Construction Sites Need Fire Watch Security Services?

Construction sites are highly vulnerable not only to theft or vandalism also fire outbreaks. The simple reason behind it is the fact that fire protection systems like sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc on construction sites are typically nonexistent or not yet operational. In that scenario, hiring fire watch security services from a reliable security guard company is the best bet. In the absence of fire protection systems, fire watch guards can reduce risks and speed up the response time. They can keep detailed fire watch logs and inform the [...]

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How Important Are Fire Watch Guards To Your Business?

Despite all the precautions, accidents happen. That’s the case, with fire too, it can occur due to several unexpected reasons. Carelessness & poor awareness to control fire outbreaks are considered as the most common reasons for that. This is why hiring dedicated Plaza Protection fire watch guards for your business than doing it yourself can ensure the safety of the assets, property, & personnel all the way through. Keep A Close Watch Whether there’s a malfunction in the fire watch systems or a complete absence of fire prevention equipment, hiring [...]

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How Fire Watch Guards Play A Vital Role In Detecting & Preventing Fires?

Thinking of security patrol services, the first thing that often comes to everyone's mind is security guards protecting people & properties. But, security patrol services company like Plaza Protection nowadays offer more than just theft protection services. It also offers 24/7 fire watch security services to ensure fire watch guards guide everyone to safety during a fire while minimizing any loss in the process. Hiring professional fire watch guards will add another level of security that even smoke detectors, alarms, or sprinkler systems won’t guarantee. Fire watch guards will play [...]

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