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5 Things You Didn’t Know About A Security Guard Management System

Today, most of the security guard companies are well aware of the utility of a security guard management system. As a client, you should too. The reason being, today, the security guard management system has emerged as an aid to streamline the security operations of the security guard companies like never before. In that, a guard tour mobile app also plays a vital role.

There are a lot of things you might not be aware of when it comes to a security guard management system. So, here’s a list of facts that’ll help you see it in a new light and give you reasons to hire a security guard company with the latest technology:

Track Security Guards Live On-Site

The GPS tracking feature displays the live locations of the security guards connected through their guard tour mobile app. This is central to the idea of the dynamic tracking system. What it does is that it makes it much easier to analyze and interpret location-mapping in real-time. This subsequently enables faster decision-making. Further, it reduces response time while assigning dispatch tickets or responding to an incident report.

Support Site-Specific Custom Reporting

Take a minute to think about how does the security guards on your site report their daily activities? Even if they do not do it manually, are they detailed enough to give you insightful information when they are shared with you?

Plaza Protection advanced guard tour reporting module is created to get an accurate view of events on the go. It allows incorporating the best reporting procedures by viewing reports such as DARs, incident reports, site tour reports, task reports, dispatch call logs, pass-down logs, and more.

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Effective In Policy Enforcement

A lot of times security guards on-site are not aware of the contents of the official policy of their security guard company, which often results in non-compliance. A security guard management system allows them to ensure compliance by sharing the company policies in real-time with the security guards. This makes sure that the security guards have access to accurate information when they need it the most to conduct effective patrols on client sites.

Reliable For Quick Incident Response

In addition to receiving detailed security guard incident reports, response time in case of any incident on-site is crucial. And, when we talk about the effectiveness of the incident response, we talk about real-time security guard management system as that of Plaza Protection.

It allows not only the company but also the clients to stay updated with the on-site movements as they take place. This helps ensure the incident response time is minimized, and resources may be directed towards a specific site when needed.

Keep All The Data Safe & Secure

Despite being a part of the security industry, the data of a security guard company is equally at risk of cybercrime. Solution: A  security guard management system that uses the highest safety standards & guarantees the confidentiality and safety of the data.

Plaza Protection’s security guard management system uses 256-bit encryption with a secure layer to protect all the data and can be accessed on multiple devices only through authorized logins.

A security guard management system is built to influence and improve every aspect of security operations. That, in turn, helps to significantly improve the quality of security services offered to the clients.

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