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5 Reasons Why Your High-Rise Building Needs A Visitor Management System?

Pen & paper-based visitors books are still in use to keep a record of the visitors. But today they are no longer the most efficient & effective ways to welcome visitors and keep track of them. Today, a visitor management system has taken over that role to help the guards keep a sharp eye on the movements of the visitors on both residential & commercial high-rise buildings.

It is an extensive solution that’s making visitor check-in process hassle-free, and the private guard services at gated communities are using it to add another level of security. The reason why you need a visitor management system or a private security services company like Plaza Protection that provides it is explained below.

Enhance Your First Impression

To leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors of being tech-savvy, there’s no better way than to begin with having front desk security guards equipped with a visitor management system instead of visitor books. The technology we at Plaza Protection utilize is easy to use and can be installed on every guard’s smartphones or tablets.

Since a visitor management system is all about controlling visitors, it’s capable of accurately & quickly capturing details, photos, signatures, and if required, even the details of the vehicles. Seeing a guard able to do that instantly, it will leave everyone impressed.

Maintain Digital Visitor Logs

Maintaining a visitor log is a tough task only if you’re still stuck doing it the traditional way. You don’t even need to invest in a visitor management system for your commercial or residential high-rise building. You need to look for a private security services company that is tech-savvy.

Their guards equipped with a visitor management system will accurately, automatically, chronologically, & securely store all the digital visitor logs on the cloud. And that will be effective on so many levels. For instance, being able to retain legible & accurate record of data for a long time.

Protect Visitor Privacy & Data

Today, the physical visitor logs are neither convenient nor secure. Reason being, they are prone to theft, can get lost, and there’s no way one can ensure visitor privacy & data confidentiality. A visitor management system, on the other hand, is not only the most affordable way that private security services companies like Plaza Protection are equipping their guards with, but also is a lot safer than the traditional method. The data register can’t be duplicated or compromised, which ensures the privacy & data confidentiality that every visitor deserves.

Patrol Security Services

Help Enhance Overall Security

Front desk security guards have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. One of their main jobs being first in the line of defense is also to ensure as well as help every visitor check-in.

Equipping the front desk security guards with a visitor management system can not only make their job easier but also let them keep track of every visitor entering or exiting the premises. And together, they can effectively eliminate security breaches right at the doorstep, enhancing overall security.

Efficient Evacuation In Emergency

A visitor management system isn’t just about registering visitors and tracking them inside a building. It’s a powerful feature that often private security services companies like Plaza Protection also use to handle emergencies.

While evacuating the building, the same data can be viewed in real-time to track down every visitor on the premises. This can play a vital role in saving their lives as well as verifying the identity of casualties if any.


The visitor management system is a system for the future. It’s capable of enhancing the visitor experience by allowing the guards to quickly and accurately process them. It’s capable of enhancing the security of every commercial & residential high-rise building while protecting the privacy & data of the visitors. In times of an emergency, the same system can provide data to ensure every visitor’s safety. What more can you ask for?

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