Benefits Of Plaza Protection Client Portal You Ought To Know

Effective communication with clients can make all the difference in the world when it comes to delivering extraordinary security guard services. At Plaza Protection, we completely understand how crucial it is. This is why we offer all our clients secure access to the Plaza Protection client portal on-the-go to not only enhance communication but also to allow our clients to collaborate effectively. Plaza Protection client portal is our proprietary solution designed for clients to directly access their on-site data from anywhere in the world and at any time. With Plaza [...]

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The Ultimate Security Guard Company Hiring Checklist – Infographic

The world is a dangerous place. Businesses have to deal with various security threats including thieves, burglars, vandals, trespassers, and many more. Choosing the right security guard company, therefore, becomes an important decision to make. And just because you seek protection doesn’t mean you can hire any security guard company that promises security.  There are various factors involved when hiring the security services of a reliable security guard company. You need to hire the one that can customize their security services to meet the unique needs of your business and [...]

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9 Questions To Ask Before Renewing Your Security Company Contract

Choosing a security guard company is a challenging task. As a client, you have to take multiple factors into consideration before making the final decision. But when it comes to renewing the security guard company contract, do you analyze their services and reconsider asking vital questions once again? If not, here a comprehensive list of questions you should start asking before renewing the security guard company contract. Is The Security Guard Company Licensed & Insured? Different states have different requirements to run a dedicated security guard company. However, all states [...]

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Benefits Of Plaza Protection Vehicle Patrol Services

Running a business successfully is hard. Hiring reliable vehicle patrol security services should not be. Try Plaza Protection’s vehicle patrol security services. We offer a lot of freedom and flexibility. You might want to map out the advantages of our services first. So, take a look at this list to determine why hiring Plaza Protection vehicle patrol services is right for your business. Easy Implementation At Plaza protection, we create detailed custom security programs created just for your business. They are then effortlessly put into action with your approval. Security [...]

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Beginner Guide To Understanding Plaza Protection Client Portal

In a pandemic hit world, keeping clients informed and connected has become a challenge for a lot of security guard companies still dependent on a paper-based system. But we at Plaza Protection are determined to ensure you need not even set a foot outside to gain insight into the site tours conducted on your site. Plaza Protection client portal is designed to provide secure access to all the on-site data on a single platform.  Let’s briefly take a look at what you can do with it:  Access Live Metrics On-The-Go [...]

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Why Investing In Dedicated Fire Watch Guards Is The Smart Thing To Do?

Lack or absence of adequate fire watch and prevention service is often the reason why most fire accidents occur on-site. Even if your property is equipped with all the necessary fire prevention systems, there’s no guarantee of how and where will fire break out. Which is why hiring dedicated fire watch guards is a need and top priority for businesses and companies alike.  Here’s why investing in dedicated fire watch guards is the smart thing for you to do: Reduced Liability The fire watch services you will hire are going [...]

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How Hiring Foot Patrol Security Is Beneficial In Enhancing Condominium Security?

Foot patrol is one of the most effective ways to protect your condominium property. It allows the guard to thoroughly conduct security patrols and seek out any security incident and address it. The role of foot patrol security guards has never been more critical than it is today with a continuous increase in security threats. There are many different types of security challenges - theft, vandalism, and intruders that foot patrol guards can help protect against easily. Get a better understanding of how hiring foot patrol security services is beneficial [...]

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